8-13 July

This option provides a yoga/authentic movement for workshop for the adults and a creative workhop for the kids.

Want to go on holiday with your family, but would also love to have some time for yourself? If you go for this option you can have both! In the morning, we organise fun activities for your kids, so you will have a chance to do some inspiring yoga and movement in a bit of peace and quiet! The rest of the time you can have fun together.

For the children we offer  creative workshops  which can be anything from theatre to art and crafts.

Ideally for families with children, but singles or couples are more then welcome as well.

With this option, only 3 hours of yoga/movement workshop and kids activities are included per day, the rest is completely free.  If you want, you can stay at La Fàbrica (more info) where you can book (through us) one or more rooms for your family. La Fàbrica includes a fully equipped kitcken at your disposal -and there are plenty of restaurants in the area as well! If not, there are other accommodation options in the area, including a campsite in Senterada itself.


The Programme (This can be adapted slightly)

Optional: early meditation from 8 to 9 am 


10 00 - 1.00   For adults /teenagers: yoga + authentic  movement     
                For the children: creative workshops, anything from theatre to  art and crafts.


175 euros per adult: 5 days of yoga/authentic movement classes
80 euros per child: 5 days of workshops, three hours per day. If enough kids are signed up, the price will go down.
For accommodation at La Fàbrica, please check out their website. For a small fee, we can help with your booking there (they speak no Dutch/English)
Transport not included. For more information, please check out our Maps and Directions page.

Yoga and authentic movement

Igniting your Inner Practice through Flow Yoga and Authentic Movement, by Christie Di Perna
In this workshop we will connect more deeply to our inner being through the practices of Flow Yoga and Authentic Movement. 
In our daily Flow Yoga practice we will explore gentle flowing sequences coordinating breath with movement to connect with our inner body. We will focus on finding pure alignment in relationship to gravity, all the while respecting the unique anatomy of our bodies. By allowing our breath and awareness to guide us deeper inside the body, we create a space within from where we can meet the turbulences of our internal and external world with quiet and all-embracing acceptance. 
In Authentic Movement we start from the stilness within our bodies to allow ourselves to express in movement any impulse, feeling or sensation that may arise within our awareness. We develop the capacity of our inner witness to non-judgementally accept anything that wants to express itself in outer form as we engage deeply with our inner creativity and aliveness. Authentic Movement is a wonderful practice to allow you to create your life from your most inner core, accepting every moment of your journey along the way. 

Your teacher 

Christie Di Perna is a dancer with ample experience in teaching dance, yoga, body awareness and movement to people from various backgrounds and age groups. She trained in Contemporary Dance at the London Contemporary Dance School, where she graduated in 2002. During this time she was introduced to Yoga, under the guidance of Susanne Lahusen, as well as to a whole range of Body-Mind Disciplines such as Feldenkrais, Alexander technique, Body-Mind Centering, Bartennieff Fundamentals and Developmental Movement. She is a graduate from the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy, London, directed by Thomas Attlee, and currently finalizing her studies in Dance Movement Therapy at  the center Agape in Koolskamp, België. During the summer of 2012 she traveled in India for three months to immerse herself in the Indian culture, and to deepen her practice of meditation and yoga (Yogapoint, Nasik). In her classes she emphasizes developing a harmonious relationship of the body with gravity, as well as deepening the inner connection to the (wise!) body. She also brings her humor, playfulness, creativity and personal experience to her teaching, creating a joyful and open atmosphere for people to discover themselves (and their bodies).